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Solo II Alternating Pressure Mattress


Dynamic overlay mattresses are used in conjunction with an existing mattress to deliver pressure relief.

The Solo II is a two-cell alternating dynamic pressure therapy overlay system that delivers alternating therapy to those at high risk of developing pressure ulcers.

The mattress cover is welded, multi-stretch, vapour-permeable and water resistant.

  • Specification

    Key features

    • 2 cell alternating pressure mattress therapy overlay system
    • 18 cells incorporating static head cells
    • Easy to use digital control system incorporating alternating and static modes
    • Unique "Nurse mode" lifts pressure quickly to highest setting for 20 minute period
    • Easy to use transport mode "blanking plate"
    • Visible and audible alarm for low/high pressure, alternating failure, power down
    • Multi stretch, water resistant/vapour-permeable top cover
    • Easy to use and rapid CPR unit; also incorporates unique "G" connector with safety catch as an alternative CPR mechanism
    • This system must be used with an underlay foam mattress
    • Digital control system
    • Max inflate 
    • Auto firm function
    • Alternating mode
    • Static mode
    • Static head section

    Additional information

    Mattress Type

    Delivery Information

    Max user weight

    Dynamic Delivered boxed 180kg / 28st

    Overall Depth

    Overall Length

    Overall Width

    12cm 200cm 88cm

    Product Weight

    Rental Option Available

    Turn Cycle

    5kg No Turn


    2 years (full parts and labour)
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