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Drive DeVilbiss understands the constraints involved with appropriately managing your equipment while maintaining patient care. A dedicated and professional audit service can be provided to alleviate these pressures and give you with a thorough assessment of your processes and equipment from infection control, patient welfare, and appropriate use perspectives. Our dedicated and specially trained Audit Team Technicians work with a wide range of customers to plan, deliver and provide professional and comprehensive reports on audit outcomes with recommended actions.   

Drive DeVilbiss Audit Services are Industry Leaders and nationally recognised having been delivering trusted audit activities for 10 years.

We have a comprehensive range of audits to meet customer requirements and a range of customer testimonials.
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Equipment Condition Assessment
This identifies the condition of your mattresses, beds, ward chairs and hoists in situ at any given time.  The completed audit content and associated requirements are then be provided in electronic format within a full and comprehensive report with recommendations. 

Pressure Ulcer Prevalence
This type of audit seeks to identify both the overall number and the severity of pressure ulcers at a Trust or Health Board at the time of the audit. The aim is to review areas such as conformance to ‘best practice guidelines’, the timing of risk assessments and the implementation of preventative strategies. Data collection requirements are agreed on an individual basis to fully meet customer requirements and a full and comprehensive report with recommendations is provided.

Appropriate Equipment Usage
This audit looks at the type of support surface being used to nurse individual patients and whether this is suitable for each individual’s needs. The audit identifies requirements against individual customer equipment selection guidance and is a key audit to identify ‘step down’ opportunities. It highlights equipment overuse and is a useful tool to assess usage on a ward by ward basis. uploads/files/Appropriate-Equipment-Usage-Audit.pdf

Mattress Management Review
This is of particular benefit to a Trust or Health Board who may be experiencing a high volume of damage to static mattresses. The storage, transportation and cleaning procedures are all scrutinised to ensure costs are kept to a minimum and a full and comprehensive report with recommendations is provided. 

Asset Identification Check
A full asset identification check can be very useful in informing customers of what exactly they have and in what volumes. Information delivered can include product age, serial numbers and whether the equipment is owned or hired. Drive Devilbiss Sidhil Audit team will carry out a full audit project to compile a full and up to date inventory and audit of existing equipment. The audit will be comprehensive, and both resources and audit activities will capture every detail of each piece of equipment as specified within the agreed audit plan template. A full and comprehensive asset report is provided.


Protect, Rinse and Dry BHTA guidance on the care, cleaning and inspection of healthcare mattresses


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