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Pressure Area Care

41 Products

Acclaim VE Mattress

Acclaim Flow Hybrid Mattress System

Bariatric II Dynamic Mattress System

Softrest Contour Junior Mattress

Softrest VE Mattress

Softrest Contour Mattress

Softrest Mattress

Supreme Crash Mattress

Premium Crash Mattress

Basic Crash Mattress

Value Crash Mattress

Lullaby VE Mattress

Acclaim Bariatric VE Foam Mattress

Serenade Gel Seat Cushion with Straps

Memaflex Mattress

Permaflex Plus Mattress


Simple Air Mattress



Simple Plus up to 300kg

Simple Plus + up to 400kg

Permaflex HSF

Permaflex ST

Permapad Overlay

Acclaim VE Junior

Atlas Dynamic Mattress

Permaflex ST Double

Theia Digital Pump

Eros Dial Pump

Air on Foam Mattress

Mattress Overlay

Air on Foam 18" Cushion

Apollo II Dynamic Replacement Mattress System

Artemis II Dynamic Replacement Mattress System

Artemis II Dynamic Cushion

Apollo II Dynamic Cushion