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Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare’s extensive range of range of medical furniture includes a selection of overbed and overchair tables, bedside cabinets and the CQR mobile chair developed to provide optimum comfort and safety for individuals requiring additional positional support.

Overbed and overchair tray tables

Developed for safety and functionality, the overbed and overchair tables are designed specifically as care home and nursing home furniture to enhance safety and functionality. Available with both fixed and tilting table tops, they are ideal for use with beds, bedside chairs and wheelchairs in hospitals, nursing homes and domestic settings. A range of wood finish options means the tables can be matched to individual interior decor requirements.

All models are designed for ease of cleaning to reduce the risk of cross-infection, with safe rounded edges and a generous height range for compatibility with different user levels. Most hospital bed tables are equipped with wheels for ease of movement and brakes for added safety.

Bedside cabinets

Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare bedside cabinets come in a range of designs and finishes. Alongside the traditional wooden options, including the Virgo model which incorporates a fold-out tray table top, the Clarus is an increasingly popular option.

These innovative bedside cabinets integrate storage and an overbed table in a departure from traditional design which is safe, practical and functional. The table mechanism folds away under the bedside cabinet when not required, saving space and reducing trip hazards. Clarus bedside cabinets also feature an overturn protection system, ease of cleaning and secure storage.

6 Products

Easi Riser Adjustable Overbed Table with Wheels Standard Base

Easi Riser Overbed Table with Wheelchair Base

Easi Riser Overbed Table with Wheelchair Base and Tilting Top

Virgo Bedside Cabinet - 3040

Virgo Bedside Cabinet - 3042

CQR Mobile Chair