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Acute Healthcare

Pressure Area Care

From simple gel cushions to advanced fully automatic dynamic therapy systems and all points in between, Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare offers a comprehensive choice of pressure redistributing mattresses to suit all environments and clinical requirements.

With the focus on achieving optimum levels of patient care, comfort and safety, the company has an extended range of dynamic, static and hybrid pressure area care mattresses for the acute, community, nursing and residential care markets.

The Dynamic Mattresses

Developed in line with current nursing procedures, the company’s dynamic therapy medical mattress systems deliver high to very high-pressure care risk management. The hospital mattress product range includes the Artemis II, a fully automatic dynamic air cell mattress offering a choice of therapies including alternating, pulsation and constant low pressure for underweight/paediatric patients, up to and including Grade IV pressure ulcers.

The Hybrid Mattresses

Hybrid options include the Hybrid-Power, which successfully brings together the pressure redistribution properties of high specification foam with all the benefits of dynamic alternating pressure relief. Alongside high specification visco elastic foam which conforms to the shape of the body, the Hybrid-Power features alternating dynamic air cells and a reliable pump unit for optimum performance. There is no need to move the patient from the bed when ‘stepping up’ to dynamic alternating mode or ‘stepping down’ to static mode.

Static Foam Systems

Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare provides an extensive range of static mattresses using castellated foam which shapes and forms to ensure optimum comfort and support as well as achieving good levels of pressure redistribution over periods of time. Zonal areas have now been introduced to the company’s upgraded range of Premium and Standard support surfaces, designed around providing additional pressure redistribution for vulnerable areas including heel and sacral sections. The range includes bariatric mattress options suitable for patients weighing up to 320kgs (50 stone).

Seat Cushions

Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare also offers a comprehensive selection of seat cushions and support systems from dynamic therapy options to gel cushions engineered for performance and price.

36 Products

Artemis II Dynamic Replacement Mattress System

Apollo II Dynamic Replacement Mattress System

Apollo Junior Dynamic Replacement Mattress System

Apollo Infant Dynamic Replacement Mattress System

Artemis II Dynamic Cushion

Apollo II Dynamic Cushion

Athena Low Airloss Mattress

Bariatric II Dynamic Mattress System

Softrest Contour Junior Mattress

Supreme Crash Mattress

Premium Crash Mattress

Basic Crash Mattress

Value Crash Mattress

Lullaby VE Mattress

Serenade Gel Seat Cushion with Straps



Acclaim VE Junior

Atlas Dynamic Mattress

Theia Digital Pump

Eros Dial Pump

Air on Foam Mattress

Mattress Overlay

Air on Foam 18" Cushion

Acclaim VE Mattress

Memaflex Mattress

Permaflex Plus Mattress

Permaflex HSF

Birthing Bed Mattress

Acclaim Flow Hybrid Mattress System

Acclaim Bariatric VE Foam Mattress


Simple Air Mattress

Simple Plus up to 300kg

Simple Plus + up to 400kg