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Paediatric Beds

Electrically operated paediatric cots

Drive DeVilbiss Sidhil offers a range of paediatric hospital beds and associated products developed specifically for use when nursing children. The Inspiration cot is now the accepted industry standard for paediatric cots and the only one still manufactured in volume entirely in the UK.

Designed to meet a comprehensive range of paediatric requirements, the Inspiration cot has been revised and improved continuously over the past decade to increase flexibility of use. Drop down telescopic side rails and removable head and foot ends allow easy access from all four sides for nursing care.

Dynamic pressure cradles

For use with the Inspiration cot, the Lullaby dynamic pressure cradle provides the ultimate comfort, safety and protection against pressure ulcers for high/very risk child cases nursed in specialist paediatric wards. This three cell dynamic mattress system is also designed specifically for paediatric use, featuring narrow cells to match the requirements of smaller patients.

Height adjustable cribs

The Lullaby crib completes the range, featuring a central column designed to allow the crib to be positioned very close to the mother’s bed. This height adjustable crib is fitted with braked castors for easy and safe movement.

9 Products

Inspiration Cot with Hinged Access and CPR

Inspiration Cot

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Lullaby Crib

Inspiration Cot - Traction System

Inspiration Cot Transfusion Pole

Inspiration Cot Oxygen Cylinder Carrier

Lullaby Crib - Clothing Tray

Lullaby VE Mattress