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Sidhil Invests In Technology For Pressure Ulcer Reduction

Posted on September 17th 2014

Sidhil has invested in the very latest pressure mapping technology with the acquisition of new, upgraded testing facilities, which will play an important role in the development of both static and dynamic support surfaces into the future. The investment forms part of Sidhil’s clinical focus initiative, looking at the development of new products designed to contribute to ulcer prevention protocols.

The XSENSOR X3 Display Medical Mattress System is now in use at Sidhil’s manufacturing plant in West Yorkshire, ensuring that all new products meet challenging market requirements at development stage with Sidhil’s range continuing to provide optimum clinical benefits. These advanced pressure mapping results will be made available to clinicians using Sidhil products, enabling them to select the right product to provide correct clinical care pathways.

New ways to reduce areas of peak pressure

Testing protocols at Sidhil now concentrate on a range of different patient types, looking at body mass and anatomical weight distribution to assess how different pressure relieving surfaces perform under varying conditions and enabling Sidhil’s design engineers to develop new ways to reduce areas of peak pressure.

Using full-body pressure images to identify areas of high pressure, Sidhil is now combining this information with other variables, looking at how beds profile and at reactions to pressure points. This latest investment enables the company to provide accurate information for clinicians to enable them to make the right decisions to match their requirements, confidently showing the results and methods used to carry out testing.

Pressure mapping presented in 3D or flat graphics

Results can be presented in different ways to match individual requirements, including 3D and flat graphics. The data can be presented to visualise the actual effects of pressure and movement, showing detailed results for a full range of products. Pressure mapping data is now available for all surfaces including seating, dynamics and statics across the Sidhil range.

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Sidhil Invests In Technology For Pressure Ulcer Reduction