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Sidhil Launches 4G Memory Foam Mattress

Posted on May 26th 2017

A new 4G memory foam mattress introduced into the Sidhil range of products through Drive DeVilbiss and designed to optimise pressure care for challenging medical conditions is expected to provide significant clinical benefits for environments such as burns units and for nursing applications involving skin conditions, bariatrics and patients with high temperatures.

The 4G memory foam used for the new Acclaim Cool mattress offers powerful visco-elastic properties without relying on cell tightness to achieve the slow recovery rate characteristic of this material. The structure of the polymer used means that this property is retained even when the foam undergoes repeated static and dynamic pressure loading, making it ideal for surfaces operating in challenging healthcare environments.

Combining open-cell high airflow visco with super-conductive graphite, Sidhil’s Acclaim Cool also offers greatly improved thermal conductivity. An ‘open cell’ polymer structure enhances airflow by up to 95%, producing a breathable and odourless foam with superior convective heat flow. The open cell nature also enables the foam to relax more quickly in response to body heat, providing greater comfort and support for patients nursed on these surfaces.

In addition, the molecular structure of 4G open-cell visco gives it a much larger temperature performance range than conventional memory foam, by stretching its glass transition over an exceptionally wide range. The result is an open-cell visco-elastic foam that minimises stiffness through its high pressure-relieving capability across an extended low temperature range.

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Sidhil Launches 4G Memory Foam Mattress