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Sidhil Implements Robotic Welding Line

Posted on April 23rd 2013

Healthcare furniture specialists Sidhil have announced the planned implementation of a robotic welding line at their West Yorkshire manufacturing plant, further supporting the strength of the company’s UK manufacturing base and continuing the drive for product quality and operational efficiency.

The move complements Sidhil’s earlier investment in advanced laser cutting technology, a natural precursor to robotic welding, underlining the company’s ongoing commitment to investing in UK manufacturing, with Sidhil now the only remaining volume manufacturer of hospital beds in the country.

With demand growing from both domestic and international markets, Sidhil have a range of high volume lines where the modern technology of robotic welding will make a positive contribution in terms of accuracy, quality and cost effectiveness.

“Once commissioned and integrated, this new piece of equipment is expected to take cost out of manufacturing, and we plan to invest further in robotic technology to maintain pace with market growth and the increasing demand for product quality and performance,” stated James Ibbotson, Managing Director at Sidhil.  “Our short term objective is to increase efficiency to make our UK manufacturing base even more competitive.”

Operations Director Lynne Dixon outlined the benefits of increased automation. “Our high volume lines will benefit from increased speeds in terms of welding and repositioning, coupled with improved consistency and quality,” she confirmed. “The investment will enable Sidhil to be more cost competitive in a number of areas, and we anticipate payback on the investment within twelve months.”

Due to the continued expansion of the organisation, the introduction of robotic welding is expected to enhance opportunities for employment and result in greater skill sets for the individuals involved in its operation. Sidhil does not anticipate any job losses as a result of this step towards automation.

The robotic welding equipment was commissioned at the end of February.

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Sidhil Implements Robotic Welding Line