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Clinical Trials Demonstrate Positive Outcomes for Hybrid-Air

Posted on January 19th 2018

A large scale, single site evaluation based on the clinical benefits and cost-effectiveness of Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare’s Hybrid-Air pressure redistributing mattresses in an acute setting has demonstrated a range of positive outcomes, with an overall 81% reduction in patients being prescribed dynamic support surfaces.

Conducted over a three-month period, the trial captured data from one hundred patients nursed on a general medical ward within The Vale of Leven Hospital, Greater Glasgow and Clyde Health Board. The patients had differing risk levels in relation to pressure ulcer prevention and management needs.

Hybrid-Air Mattress Training Provided

For the purpose of the evaluation, the ward replaced six dynamic mattresses and twenty-one static foam surfaces with twenty seven Hybrid-Air mattresses. Training was provided to staff on the specification and design of the Hybrid-Air mattress during a one day ‘swap out’.

The Hybrid-Air mattresses performed very well during the trial, fully meeting patient comfort expectations and safety requirements as well as proving a cost-effective solution for the prevention of pressure ulcers. The evaluation confirmed that the Hybrid-Air is clinically effective, reduces time pressures for clinical staff teams and significantly reduces rental mattress costs by cutting the need to ‘step up’ to rented dynamic solutions.

Achieved 365 Days Of 'No Avoidable Pressure Ulcers'

During the trial patient skin integrity was maintained, with no pressure related skin damage occurring during the three-month evaluation, thus allowing the ward to successfully achieve a consecutive 365 days of ‘no avoidable pressure ulcers’. When compared with competitor products, it was noted that the Hybrid-Air was easier to use, lighter in weight and its simple design was identified as having further benefits, with spend on replacement parts significantly reduced.

The trial also reported that skin improvements had been noted for several patients using the Hybrid-Air.

The Hybrid-Air is a non-powered support surface, using a combination of foam and air cells operating on the principle of air displacement. When a person repositions his or her weight on the Hybrid-Air, air moves within the mattress to surrounding cells for optimal pressure redistribution.

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Clinical Trials Demonstrate Positive Outcomes for Hybrid-Air