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Intelligent Pressure Distribution Mapping From Sidhil

Posted on September 4th 2015

Introducing a ground breaking development in the fight against pressure ulcers, healthcare specialists Sidhil have launched the Monitor, Alert, Protect (M.A.P™) system, the UK’s first continuous bedside pressure mapping system. M.A.P™ can be used in conjunction with almost any mattress system to provide 24/7 data on pressure levels developing between the patient and the support surface.

Reducing the prevalence of pressure ulcers plays a vital role in improving patient outcomes and reducing the costs associated with treatment – estimated at between £1.4 and £2.1 billion per year for the NHS. Whilst developing dynamic therapy mattress systems have already made an important contribution here, nursing staff do not currently have a tool capable of distinguishing accurately between high and low pressures, or assessing the effectiveness of their interventions.

M.A.P™ changes all that. This intelligent pressure distribution monitoring system uses a pressure sensing mat to identify high and low pressure areas between the patient and the support surface. The outer layer of this mat consists of a medical grade biocompatible material which houses thousands of sensing points capable of accurately imaging the body of the patient lying on the support surface.

This information is sent to a monitor attached to the mat, where it is displayed as a real time, colour coded high resolution image, with areas of high pressure clearly delineated in red and orange, and lower pressure areas showing as green and blue.

This real time visual ‘pressure map’ gives nursing staff accurate detail on each individual patient, enabling them to alter the patient’s position accordingly to reduce pressure and therefore reduce the potential for pressure ulcers. Micro movements can reduce pressures dramatically, which is particularly effective for patients where full body repositioning or even turning may be restricted.

The M.A.P™ pressure sensing mat is essentially flexible, which means it is suitable for use with patients of different weights and sizes, even bariatric cases. The system incorporates a simple touch screen interface to implement customised settings and audible alerts.

The M.A.P™ system is available both for sale and for rental from Sidhil. The purchase price is believed to be less than the cost of treating one Grade 1 pressure ulcer.

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Intelligent Pressure Distribution Mapping From Sidhil