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Drive DeVilbiss Sidhil goes green!

Posted on February 14th 2017

No, we’re not changing our logo – but we are working to change some of our ways! Identifying the importance of encouraging good environmental practice across our systems and processes, we’ve set in motion a number of improvements designed to reduce our carbon footprint.

We have already invested heavily in sustainable practices within our manufacturing plant in line with accreditation to the environmental standard ISO 14001, and successfully focused on waste streaming to reduce waste to landfill. Our objective is always to go above and beyond accepted industry standards.

As the only remaining volume manufacturer of hospital beds in the UK, our established ‘Bed Miles’ concept is an emotive illustration to demonstrate the benefits of local manufacturing as opposed to imports. The concept focuses on local procurement, local manufacture and reduced road transport requirements.

Looking to further develop our ‘green’ credentials, we are also in the process of selecting and acquiring a small fleet of electric vans to manage more local deliveries, a concept which we plan to extend as charging points become more widely available.

In support of this, we have invested in the installation of a plug-in station for electric vehicles, available for use by our delivery vans and also employees’ own hybrid cars, encouraging the use of hybrids for travel to and from work.

And we still have our estimated 20,000 unpaid workers in the shape of our bees, busy out pollinating, with working hives located at our factory in Yorkshire ensuring a plentiful supply of honey!

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Drive DeVilbiss Sidhil goes green!