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Sidhil’s Comprehensive Bed Package For Nursing & Residential Care

Posted on November 30th 2012

With the focus clearly on safety, flexibility and performance, Sidhil’s Bradshaw range of nursing and residential care home beds has been developed specifically to meet the individual and clinical needs of the care home environment. Designed around safety in terms of manual handling and performance in use, these electrically operated, fully profiling nursing care beds also meet the aesthetic standards required, offering a choice of wood finishes to create an attractive domestic setting.

Bariatric and Low Bed Options Available

The range successfully combines Sidhil’s established tradition for strength and durability with special lightweight construction materials and techniques, offering beds which are functional, stable, visually attractive and easy to move. Bradshaw beds include both Bariatric and Low versions to cater for the needs of larger clients and also to minimise the risk of falls.

Easy to assemble and disassemble, the beds are sturdy and fully tested, capable of taking a maximum user weight of up to 28 stone (180kgs), whilst the Bariatric version is specially engineered to cater safely for patients weighing up to 50 stone (320kgs). In line with current nursing procedures, mattress platforms may be set to infinitely variable Trendelenberg and reverse Trendelenberg positioning, offering optimum comfort and ease of use for both patient and carer. Ankles can be raised by manual lift of the second section of the kneebreak.

Alongside the beds, Sidhil offers a range of equipment and accessories for improved comfort, safety and convenience. The latest portable bedhead hoist effectively fills a gap in the market between mobile hoists and ceiling track/gantry hoists. Designed to assist transfers from bed to chair, wheelchair or commode, the hoist is capable of lifting an increased loading of up to 152kgs/24 stone.

A Choice Of Mattress Options To Suit All Bed Types

Sidhil supplies a full range of mattresses for use with nursing care beds, including engineered versions for electric profiling beds and dynamic pressure care mattresses to optimise tissue viability. In addition, the extensive range of ‘package’ bed options also incorporates bed accessories such as siderails and pads, transfusion and lifting poles, backrests, cradles and elevation aids as well as overbed tables and chairs.

Sidhil enjoys an enviable reputation for the most advanced levels of customer service of any supplier in the country, including typical delivery lead times of less than three days, backed up by regional service centres carrying stocks of spare parts, available nationwide within 24 hours.

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Sidhil’s Comprehensive Bed Package For Nursing & Residential Care