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Lullaby Pro Crib with Trolley


This variable height crib and trolley  is designed specifically for rooming-in or co-sleeping. The crib can be wheeled either side of the mother’s bed and drop sides help to develop the mother child bond. Frame colours Blue, Green or Orange.

  • Specification

    Key features

    Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg available
    The Crib has a polyethylene structure and vertically lowering padded safety sides in transparent Plexiglas which is non-toxic, unbreakable and removable for cleaning.
    The auto brake feature is operated by a push handle integrated in the
    structure of the crib which stops movement when pushed for added safety
    Available in three colour options; Blue, Green or Orange
    Height adjustable from 47 - 70cm

    Additional information

    Max Height

    Max Length

    Max user weight

    47cm 70cm 10kg/1.6st

    Min Height

    Min Length

    Overall Length

    70cm 47cm 94cm

    Overall Width

    Rental Option Available


    88cm No
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