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The time taken to move a patient out of bed to swap a support surface impacts on quality nursing time. If a patient requires a different therapy to be either 'stepped up' or 'stepped down', there can be a number of restraints. In addition, the costs associated with support surfaces can increase when two different surfaces are required. Powered hybrid mattresses provide both pressure redistributing and pressure relieving therapy, reducing time and costs.

The Hybrid-Power support surface combines the pressure redistribution properties of high specification foam, with alternating therapy. Castellated visco-elastic foam delivers a high degree of pressure redistribution as it conforms to the shape of the body, while alternating cells assist with pressure relief when the power unit is in use. A turning pillow provides additional comfort for the patient.

  • Specification

    Key features

    • The Hybrid-Power pump unit features secure connectors between the covered feed pipe and the pump unit, contributing to exceptional levels of reliability, while the adjustable hangers and pads reduce vibration effectively.
    • Max inflate
    • Alternating mode
    • Static mode (remove pump)
    • Auto-lock function
    • Fault indicator display
    • Fault alarms
    • 1-in-2 alternating therapy on foam
    • Auto lock function
    • A full width heel zone with smaller castellations
    • High density side formers to support and assist with patient transfers in and out of the bed

    Additional information

    Mattress Type

    Electrically Operated

    Max user weight

    Hybrid 254kgs / 40st

    Overall Height

    Overall Length

    Overall Width

    16cm 198cm 88cm

    Turn Cycle



    no-turn 2 years
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