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Elland Short Grab Handle


This grab handle is designed specifically to attach to the framework of a metal bed. It is very similar to the popular Elland Grab handle (1210/GRAB) but is shorter in height for those situations where it is desirable for the client to be able to hold onto the top of the handle whilst moving in or around the bed. The Elland short grab handle will assist in the elevation of a user to a seated position and will also aid the transfer of a user to a wheelchair, commode or to a standing position. This easy to attach grab handle is fitted to the bed using simple ergonomically designed hand wheels, requiring no tools when fitting to the bed.

  • Specification

    Key features

    • Designed for metal bed frames Designed to help steady transfer of patient from bed to standing position
    • Securely fitted with hand wheels
    • No tools required
    • Magnolia Epoxy coated finish
    • UK manufacturing

    Additional information

    Delivery Information

    Factory Fitted

    Overall Height

    Delivered Boxed No 46.8cm

    Overall Width

    Product Weight

    Rental Option Available

    24.5cm 2.5kg


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      1. Elland Short Grab Handle
      2. 1216/GRAB


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