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Atlas Dynamic Mattress


Alternating therapy support surfaces assist with the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers. The Atlas dynamic mattress system delivers pressure relief to those at high risk of developing pressure ulcers.


The constant low pressure mode distributes patient weight evenly through the cells, providing comfort for patients unable to tolerate movement

  • Specification

    Key features

    • Cell on cell construction
    • Included bed platform securing straps and anti-slip platform pads
    • High frequency welded top cover which is multi-stretch, vapour permeable and water resistant
    • Fully covered CPR aids infections protocols
    • Comfort controls
    • Max inflate
    • Constant low pressure
    • Alternating mode
    • Static mode
    • 10 minute cycle 
    • Cable management
    • Static head section
    • Pull CPR
    • Audible fault alarm

    Additional information

    Mattress Type

    Electrically Operated

    Max user weight

    Dynamic 200kg/31st

    Overall Height

    Overall Length

    Overall Width

    20cm 202cm 88.5cm


    2 years
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