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Apollo II Dynamic Replacement Mattress System


The clinically advanced Apollo II family of dynamic pressure area care surfaces have been designed to offer dual therapy modes to enhance patient care and outcomes. Developed for use in hospital, residential and home care environments, the Apollo II mattress is fully EN 60601-1, EN 60601-1-2 and EN 60601-1-11 compliant.

  • Specification

    Key features

    Apollo II Pump

    Offering dual therapy modes;
    Alternating Therapy Mode – providing pressure relief over a 10 minute cycle in a AB (2 in 1) pattern.
    Constant Low Pressure (CLP) Therapy Mode – creating a static low pressure surface allowing immersion into the mattress providing pressure redistribution.
    Max Inflate Mode automatically inflates all cells to the maximum pressure setting 5 (Firm). This can be beneficial when moving or repositioning a patient.
    Automatic Pressure Control System monitors and adjusts the mattress pressure to maintain pressures at the set level.
    Comfort control settings can be adjusted to ensure maximum user comfort. The default setting is 3 (1 is soft and 5 is firm).
    The Apollo II pump automatically detects which compatible dynamic surface has been connected and will adjust the pressure setting accordingly.
    Audible and visual alerts for low pressure or power failure.
    Auto lockout – the pump will lockout after 2 minutes of inactivity to prevent accidental setting changes. An amber light indicates that the pump controls are locked.
    Mute button - once the audible alert has been acknowledged the alert can be muted whilst the cause is investigated.
    Accessible rear filter for ease of maintenance.
    Integral hanging hooks enable the pump to be suspended from the bed footboard.
    Fully EN 60601-1, EN 60601-1-2 and EN 60601-1-11 compliant.

    Apollo II Mattress

    The mattress includes 20 cells consisting of 3 static head cells and 17 alternating cells. Individual cell's 'air on air' construction reduces the risk of 'bottoming out' as the lower section of each cell remains inflated to provide a supportive base.
    The Apollo II mattress features a CPR dial at the footend, which allows for rapid deflation and is easy to operate in the event of an emergency. It is positioned flush against the mattress to reduce risk of accidental operation or damage and is strategically located to allow ease of access.
    A Transport Mode facility is achieved by sealing the connector on the umbilical cord with the transport cap. The Transport Mode can be used for up to 8 hours to ensure that the support surface provides pressure redistribution in power outages or when transportation is required.
    The top Dartex® covers are multi stretch, water resistant and vapour permeable.
    An anti-fungal agent is encapsulated in the covers to help control microbial deterioration. They feature a white inner substrate to assist in identifying signs of cover damage and strike-through. Additionally, the Apollo II mattress bottom cover includes a cable management system to safely route the power cable and reduce the risk of a trip hazard.
    A 360° zip allows ease of access to the internal cells and the welded seams and waterfall flap reduce risk of fluid ingress.
    The mattress has 8 strategically positioned straps with D rings to enable them to be easily secured to a range of bed frames (moveable parts only).

    Additional information

    Mattress Type

    Max user weight

    Overall Depth

    Multi or Dual Therapy 200kg (31st) 20cm

    Overall Length

    Overall Width

    Product Weight

    200cm 88cm 12.3kg

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