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Artemis Dynamic Mattress System


This dual therapy system offers both alternating therapy for effective pressure relief and constant low pressure to reduce peak pressures. The combination of therapies gives the Artemis optimum flexibility to meet diverse patient requirements within ITU, ward or community care environments.ts.

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Product Description

  • 2 cell alternating dynamic pressure therapy, full mattress replacement system
  • Fully automatic pressure adjustment – instantly reacts to changes determined by patient weight and positioning
  • Zoned mattress system for optimum outcomes - static head cells and narrow heel cells
  • Figure 8 cell construction with the sub cell remaining inflated to reduce risk of the patient bottoming out and offering reliability of a supportive surface in the event of power fail
  • Patient egress alarm – Mattress alarm alerts carer when no patient weight is detected on the mattress
  • Easy to use digital control system incorporating Alternating, Constant Low Pressure, Pulsation and Max inflate modes
  • Dual compressor for quick inflation / Rapid deflate CPR
  • Visual weight indication display (for guidance only)
  • Easy to use transport function - simply disconnect tube set
  • Comfort control setting to allow optimum comfort for individual patients without compromising on performance
  • Automatic function lockout
  • Cable Management - reducing risk of trip hazards
  • Robust and reliable easy to connect and disconnect tube set
  • Multi stretch, waterproof/vapour-permeable top cover with concealed zips
  • Dual sided attachment straps and anti slip base to reduce risk of movement
  • Dynamic cushion available for 24 hour pressure care
  • Pressure mapping information available
  • Max user weight: 248kg (39st)
24 hour Pressure Care: More vulnerable people may require 24 hour pressure care to protect skin surfaces when they are seated during daytime hours, ensuring optimum and continuous protection against pressure ulcers.  We offer a comprehensive range of dynamic and static seat therapy cushions, many of which double up with dynamic mattress systems to run from existing pumps, reducing initial purchase costs.

Additional Information

Dimensions198 x 88 x 20 cm
Max User Weight

248kg (39st)


2 Years