Introducing M.A.P™ by Sidhil – A Totally New Approach To Pressure Monitoring

Sidhil’s innovative M.A.P™ system is the very first continuous bedside pressure monitoring tool enabling nurses and carers to ensure that bed-bound patients benefit from optimal pressure distribution to reduce the risk of pressure ulcers. Take a look at the video link below to see how the system works.

Benefits Of The M.A.P System

  • Reduces the incidence of pressure ulcers
  • Increases patient comfort and improve outcomes
  • Reduces costs associated with the treatment of pressure ulcers
  • Simplifies the work of nurses and carers

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So what is M.A.P™?

Figures from 2013 suggest that the prevalence rate of pressure ulcers in healthcare environments was 4.7% (information from Health Service Thermometer, covering nursing homes, care homes, independent sector care providers, community nursing and hospitals).

Unnecessary Suffering

Quite apart from the unnecessary suffering caused, the daily costs of treating a pressure ulcer are estimated to range from £43 to £374. For ulcers without complications the daily cost ranges from £43 to £57. (Bennett, Dealey and Posnett, 2012.)

Use of dynamic mattresses and repositioning patients in bed both play a role in decreasing pressure in vulnerable areas, but nursing staff and caregivers do not have the tools to distinguish accurately between high and low pressures, or to assess the effectiveness of interventions.

M.A.P™ Changes All That

M.A.P™ changes all that. This advanced bedside pressure monitoring system uses a pressure sensing mat to identify high and low pressure areas between the patient and the support surface. This is linked to a monitor displaying a real time, high resolution image defining at risk pressure points, giving accurate data and helping to attain optimal pressure distribution.

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